Welcome to Where the Ground Speaks-Historical Inquiry through Drama

Welcome everyone to “Where the Ground Speaks” a webpage of resources compiled by Kim Snider and Katy Whitfield to support our workshop as part of the 2014 CODE Conference in Ottawa.

These resources have been specifically collected because they help to explain and visually represent the history of the St. John’s Ward. They also testify to the many people, places and their histories living in area, including Aboriginal Peoples who first lived on the land and the many waves of immigrants who came to Toronto and settled in the area known as the St. John’s Ward in the 19th and 20th centuries.

While much of this historical narrative appears to be quite silent, unknown and physically erased from public space; it is clear through all the evidence that remains, that their contributions to Toronto and specifically to the Ward have left an impact that speaks from the ground about their importance in Toronto’s collective histories.

Enjoy your discovery in getting to know the St. John’s Ward. Listen, observe and engage with the materials carefully for it is then you will notice, hear and understand where and how the ground speaks.

Kim Snider and Katy Whitfield